Cute Valentine’s Cards – 100 FREE

I got mine in 7 days.. I choose the slow 21 day shipping it it took a total of 8 days! So there is still time to get yours..311

So our oldest daughter is so excited about Valentine’s Day coming up. She wanted us to buy her some cards to hand out to her friends. I just could get the guts up to buy 10 cards at a crazy over inflated price. So I found a way to make 100 FREE cards. Now she can write her name on the back with some cute pictures she wants to draw on the back!

Click Here!Click logo to make your cards! Come back and click the link each time, for each of your kids to design their own.


Click the logo

top left of page click the “Get Started” tab under the Yellow Flower with red streaks.

A box will pop up and under “Search Designs” I typed in “heart” But you can try Valentines. Just pick which ever design you like best.

I paid $3 extra for envelopes. They are thick and good quality, and if she doesn’t use them all, I will use them for my scrapbooking cards I make with my friends at card night.

When its time to pick shipping, I pick the “Slow 21 days” option. First it’s the cheapest, and second it has NEVER taken 21 days to get them usually just 5-7 days.

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