Deal Scenario for Loreal products at Rite Aid

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Thanks to Tegan for this scenario, for moreĀ  Rite Aid deals click here

I came up with this scenario for people who are already well stocked with Listerine/floss and need Loreal products for the $30/$100 SCR Loreal deal (e.g. myself).

a) 3 Clean & Clear products @4.50 each = $13.50
b) 1 Band-Aid = $2
c) 3 Loreal products @2.99 each = $8.97
Total = $24.47

$5/$20 purchase coupon
3($3) Ad perk Clean & Clear coupons
3($2) Clean & Clear manuf. coupons
1($1) Band-Aid coupon
3($1) Loreal products (shampoo/styler)

Pay about 47 cents and tax.

$5 SCR/$15 J&J products purchased
credits toward the $30SCR/$100 Loreal

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