Did you get these?

I have been busy getting 3 kids ready for church by myself (Matt works today), going to church, coming home getting lunch and I am just now getting to look at my blog and the Sunday papers.  If you are wondering how I had posts done today…I scheduled them last night to post this morning because I knew I would be super busy and not have time.

Well it looks like the Idaho Statesman got Albertsons doubles in their paper on page A11., but the Idaho Press Tribune did not.  I have to admit I was a little disapointed but, the same thing happened a few months ago.  But it was the Idaho Press tribune that had the doubles and the Statesman did not.  So it all even out….  

img_1073I did notice that my Walgreens ad had an extra cover on it,  It has some great coupons for the new store opening up in Nampa.  There is a $3 off a $10 purchase. There is also a $25 gift card coupon for a new or transferred prescription.  These are only good at the new store.  


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