Don’t forget to say Thank You!


As many of you know this week I was able to get Progresso Soup and Pillsbury Grands rolls both for free ?at Albertsons, ?( to read these posts click here and here) .
When I am able to get items for free I always try to make sure to give back and say thanks. ?As many of you know I am able to get a GREAT price on the Sunday paper ( click here for more info), ?but I also have 2 little old Lady’s in my neighborhood that give me their coupons every week. ? I tell them thank you every week, but every now and then, I like to pass on a few of my good deals, as a way to say Thank You. ?This week ?I gave them each a bundle of soup and rolls with thank you tag. ? They were both happy to have a few extra cans of soup. ?Giving back is a lot of fun! ?Thanks Linda and Norma, for sharing your coupons.

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