Don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist

bagjokeWe post are grocery budget reviews to show what we get in savings each month. I want to show everyone that saving over 90% off your grocery bill in one month is possible.  You don’t need to be some kind of rocket scientist, or a super couponer. Here is a great example of budgeting that one of our readers sent into us this weekend:

You said that you’re not asking for person info but I don’t mind sharing some. My fiance and I live together and he has a job making about $18,000/year. I am currently unemployed. I do little odd jobs here and there, cleaning, baby sitting, etc. but no steady income.

We were doing okay before I started couponing. I didn’t really keep a budget but I did try to save as much as possible by shopping sales and buying generics. I always thought that coupons weren’t worth the time. Early last year I started signing up for free samples of stuff online. I don’t even remember why I started. I think that I saw a story on the Today show or something. Most of the samples came with coupons and I started realizing that coupons might be worth it. I started buying a paper on Sundays and Memorial day weekend I started shopping at CVS… It took me a while to get the hang of things but now I’m pretty good at it.

I didn’t start to keep track of my spending/saving until November. Here’s what I’ve spent/saved over the last few months with the help of this website and others like it.

Value: $1642.74
Out Of Pocket: $102.79
Saved: $1539.95 or 95%

Value: $1211.83
OOP: $189.94 (this included some presents that I bought at Walmart and included in my totals)
Saved: $1027.89 or 84%

Value: $2088.05
OOP: $91.85*
Saved: $1996.20 or 95%
* I received $64.18 in rebates in January

February week 1
Value: $454.57
OOP: $20.91
Saved: $433.66

Wow now these are actual numbers not from Sarah but from one of our readers. It is possible. Now that you have saved maybe 40 or 50% off your groceries. Lets amp it up! See what you can do to save even more. Is it realizing you save money and now can afford more newspapers, like our A Thrifty Mom Newspaper Deals. Or maybe its simply switching brands of your favorite grocery.

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