DVD coupons matched with Walmart prices

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November 1st a whole list of new DVD and Blu-ray coupons came out… some of them are already gone.  So make sure you print any that you think you might want to use.  Thanks to Frugally Thrifty for matching some of these coupons with her local Walmart.

Click here, here, and here for more Walmart coupon deals.

Knight and Day DVD – $13.00

Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD – $13.00

Marley and Me DVD – $13.00

Tooth Fairy DVD – $10.00

Alvin & The Chipmunks DVD – $7.50

Ice Age: The Meltdown DVD – $7.50

Marmaduke DVD – $15.96

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief DVD – $10.00

Monte Carlo DVD – $15.00

Monte Carlo Blu-ray – $24.96

The Crow Blu-ray – $10.00


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