e.p.t. Pregnancy Test Kit Only $5.98 At Walmart ~ Is It A Yes Or A No???

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e.p.t. Pregnancy tests are 99% accurate.

In 2 minutes you can find out if you are or are not having a baby.

They are easy to read, too.  If you see a + sign, you are pregnant.

e.p.t. Pregnancy tests – $8.98 (Walmart)


$3.00 off any e.p.t. Pregnancy Test
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  1. I get mine from the dollar store as well. No problems. It detected my pregnancy when I was less than a week late during the middle of the day. They say your first urine of the day is most accurate. All I can say as it was a HUGE shock when we went 7 years w/o kids and pretty much gave up. I planned to just take it for no reason and toss it, since I would NEVER need one:)

  2. Yes they are. I used them on my last. A friend of mine used them on all 4 of hers and my cousin used them with her two. Ive always heard from people they work so I tried it with my last. It worked!

  3. I took 2 pregnancy tests, both came back negative. I went to the Dr. because I was so tired all the time & found out I was 5 months along. So, in my experience, ANY pregnancy test can be wrong. – Tonya 🙂

  4. I took five dollar tree pregnancy tests, all said negative and seven months later, I had my daughter. Don’t assume that every test is the same.

  5. Any pregnant test will be accurate because they all do the same, test the level of hormones.

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