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Easy DIY Cards for Kids ~ Polka Dot Heart Card #KidsCrafts

Do your kids like to leave notes on your pillow? Mine do, and I think it is adorable.  They often leave me “Polka Dot” cards. These are easy to make, low cost and fun for kids of all ages.  Today my 4 year old spent a few hours makeing Polka Dot Heart Cards, he plans to give them as Valentines but these work well for other occasions as well. Like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Get Well Cards, Thinking of you Cards…. the list goes on and on.

To make these first you will need:

First cut out the image you want to be in the middle. In this card we picked a heart.  I used an old Christmas card ( I like to use thicker paper or cards so the paint or ink does not bleed through).  I then tape the heart to the middle of the white cardstock. Pour some paint out on a plate and use the pencil eraser to make dots around the heart.  It does not mater where you put them.  My son LOVES to make the dots it keeps him busy for a very long time often over an hour. He often sings “Dip, dot, dip Dot” as he makes his card, which I think is adorable.

Once you are done making the dots, carefully peel the heart off the middle of the page. Careful not to smear the dots. Allow to dry, then use glue to make a card out of your new image. My kids often write a message in the middle of the card too.

Another idea, you can do this same project with a pillow case, or t-shirt. Just make sure you use fabric paint and heat set it before you wash it.

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