Elf On The Shelf Ideas ~ Day 2 Enter to win your own FREE Elf on the Shelf

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Our family started a fun new tradition this year Elf On The Shelf each night our little Elf Moves to a new spot in the house.  The kids wake up excited to go see what he has been doing all night while they where asleep.

Day 2 our kids found our Elf ….

Up at the very top of the curtains, holding a toy lion with a pair of nail clippers.  My husband was trying to trim our kittens nails yesterday and my 5 year old went to get her little lion.  She quietly walked up to Chubs the Elf and said. “Here is a Kitty for you to play with”.  I during the night Chubs must have tried his hand a trimming the lions nails as well. 🙂

Day 1 ~  Elf was sitting on the toilet while Barbie took a bath

We are loving our Elf On the Shelf so much that we are going to give one away to one lucky reader.  Each day we will post a new photo of where our silly elf has been.  We invite you to “Name This Photo” by leaving a comment each day in the comment section below. On the 26th we will pick  a  random winner and ship you your very own Elf On the Shelf for next year!


  1. This is the way we trim our nails, trim our nails nails, trim our nails. This is the way we trim our nails early in the morning.

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