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elf of the shelf day three, Elf on the Shelf Ideas, What to do with an elf on a Shelf, Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas


 Looks like our silly Elf on the Shelf was hungry and wanted some friends.

Day 3 ~  Climbed inside a box of Rice Krispies to hang out with Snap, Crackle and Pop

elf of the shelf day two, Elf on the Shelf Ideas, What to do with an elf on a Shelf, Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

DAY 2 ~ Our Elf was caught in the candy jar

Elf on the shelf ideas day 1, athriftymom.com

Day 1- Just hanging out on the lights waiting for the kids to find him. 

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STILL WANT MORE IDEAS??? Here are over 200 ideas for your Elf On the Shelf.Elf on the shelf idea that are easy and simple, over 200 silly ideas for your Elf is your Eld Naughty or nice

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at your house? We started the tradition last year and my kids love it, here are 23 Elf On the Shelf Ideas.

Still time to grab your own Elf On The Shelf if you would like to start this tradition as well.


  1. Bobby Sattler stop doing boring things and check these out!!! lol look at the pictures in the comments too

  2. Getting ours tomorrow; wanted one for years, and had to explain to my hubby what the heck was going on with it!

  3. We have one for the 1st time this year..it’s fun but more importantly the kids love it! I think this tradition will be carried on for many many years!

  4. Lena hanging out and rocking out to Snoopy playing the piano. Had to keep telling Lena and Snoopy to keep it down.

  5. So is this in the Rice Krispies box now in stores or was this something from season past?

  6. My sons elf night 1- he was afraid so we just had him hanging upside down in my orchid, night 2- toilet papered my sons room while he slept :-), night 3- my sons underwear all over the tree with elf on top lol. We are having too much fun.

  7. My grandson couldn’t stand the thought of Jimbo seeing him when he got out of the shower. Knowing he couldn’t touch it, he got a wooden back scratcher and picked him up to relocate him! So funny!

  8. well that is what my son will wake up to tomorrow..today they had a sack race

  9. I keep hearing about the elf on the shelf I have never owned one and do not know the whole story about it. Can some one please explain?

  10. Ok, the elf on the shelf really bothers me (as in SCARES the tar outta me)… but that picture is pretty hilarious.

  11. I don’t even like rice krispies but I am going out to buy some tomorrow just so I can do this..I love it!

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