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Looks like our silly Elf on the Shelf had a bit of a sweet tooth.  He helped himself to several bags of M&M’s and then got STUCK in the candy jar.

DAY 2 ~ Our Elf was caught in the candy jar

Day 1- Just hanging out on the lights waiting for the kids to find him. 

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STILL WANT MORE IDEAS??? Here are over 200 ideas for your Elf On the Shelf.Elf on the shelf idea that are easy and simple, over 200 silly ideas for your Elf is your Eld Naughty or nice

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at your house? We started the tradition last year and my kids love it, here are 23 Elf On the Shelf Ideas.

Still time to grab your own Elf On The Shelf if you would like to start this tradition as well.


  1. i have got to get me an elf on the shelf i see so many people talking about it..

  2. Nope, you move him and change his position and antics each night. He stays that way all day then moves some time through the night. Kids are no touching, you should check out http://www.pinterest.com for tons and tons of ideas… then on christmas eve he can leave the kids a good bye note… the cool thing is to maybe keep him handy and have him pop up every so often to check up on the kids… late spring summer etc… it is so much fun… enjoy your little Elf 🙂

  3. Debbie Aguirre-Shank Yeah we put ours back after the lids clean up after him 🙂

  4. We have a blond Anna Lee elf – and we named him “‘Chris T. Mas (a.k.a. Chris Mas Elf – my son’s name is Christoher/Chris)” Elf/ since last Christmas (bought on sale w/ employee discount), he sits on the light (wall light/sconce type style wall light) in my toddler son’s room. He is our “Elf on A Shelf” but on a light.

  5. ours are sack racking tonight but not going to post a pic until my son sees them

  6. I’m new to elf on the shelf, tonight will be the first night. Do we put him back in the morning after the kids find him? Thank you!

  7. Our elf is hanging out in the kids undies on a cloths line in the living room!

  8. my photo wont load.. but I just put glow sticks all around ours and took a picture of “dancing on the dark”

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