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TLC - Extreme Couponing
TLC - Extreme Couponing

There are a lot of views to what Extreme Couponing can do for you. Our motto has always been Mom First, A Thrifty Mom second. But for those who also like to save over 90% off your shopping trips this is the beginning to a thrifty life. You can accomplish this with out being “extreme” and still save over 90%.  You do not need to shove your arm into the shelve and slide everything you can reach into your shopping cart. We can show you how to shop, cook, and start a “healthy stockpile”. A “healthy stockpile” is not parking in the street so you can use your garage for food storage. And it is not boxes full of tofu and celery either. We can show you how to save money and live a thrifty lifestyle. With the economy the way it is, and people losing jobs and the fear of losing jobs – we are all trying to figure out ways to save money and survive.

In 2010 we totaled our entire year and figured out what we would of spent with out coupons:

  • 2010 – total spent was $1253.85
  • If I did not use coupons or sales these products would have cost me $9847.25
  • That means coupons saved me $8593.40
  • Or 87.2% off the entire year!

You can do this too! We do the work to matchup grocery store deals and sales – NATION WIDE – with coupons from many different sources. We  help others become thrifty, save money,  and stay out of debt! It is easy and can be fun, at the same time help others who are in need. Common rules are politeness, thoughtfulness, not clearing the shelves, ordering large numbers in a pre order from your store. Other things to check up on are:

Grocery Stores – nationwide deals

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