Extreme Couponing ~ You are part of a Coupon Comminity

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Tonight another new episode of TLC Extreme Couponing will air.  This show does bring a  spot light on how a family can save with coupons.  But since it is extreme… it often shows an unrealistic view.  Sure you may be able to put together an extreme shopping trip but you will soon hit coupon burnout.  Try to remember that there is always another sale around the corner.  You are part of a COUPON COMMUNITY, your actions good or bad will effect others.  If you clear the shelves, hoard, bend the rules,  push and yell to get your way all in the name of a good deal…. it gives all coupon shoppers a bad name.
But then on the other side of that, if you shop with a smile, stock up within reason, teach others to save, use your coupons as directed and give back, you TOO will give couponers a name.  Hopefully as we coupon the right way we can show our commnunity the real faces behind couponing.  You can show that yes you are getting a great deal, saving your family money, spending wisely to feed your family, even giving back to others…. all at the same time.
For more tips on how to start couponing click Couponing 101 here
Thanks to Kelly for passing this along….
I wanted to send this to you and tell you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I have always used coupons BUT since reading your site daily 🙂 I have learned soooo much more! Im sharing with you just a sample of what I am donating this week at our church. Every so often we are given paper grocery bags at church and asked to bring it back with items in it for our local homeless shelter and food pantry. I am always amazed how many people take them and saddened when I dont see very many come back. Times are so hard one everyone! We have an unemployment rate in our town of 12% (much of our area used to be manufacturing) and the recent numbers on how many people are using our food banks are astounding!
Today I took 2 bags. I know I have a fairly decent ( although nothing to call TLC about…not that I would ever do that! :))  stockpile of many things. When I got home I was AMAZED and what I had. I was able to fill 4 paper bags AND a small plastic bag full of items! While pulling items they need I realized that with the exception of peanut butter and Ocean Spray Juice I paid less than $0.50 for each item and my entire donation of toothpaste, brushes and floss as well as Vicks were completely FREE!
Without your site I never would have learned how do coupon the right way and ultimately I never would have been able to give back this much to my community and pay so little for it!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart! See the attached pictures of what is being donated!
Im calling them my Coupons for Christ donation! 🙂

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