Family game night gift guide

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Family game night gift guide

Looking for the perfect game for a whole family? Check out our Family game night gift guide for some great gifts the whole family will love.

Family game night gift guide

Family gifts can be hard when there are a range of ages to buy one gift for. You want it to be something they will all use and love. That is why we rounded up some of the best options for multiple age levels and at different price points too. If you are giving a family gift this year, don’t do it until you take a look at the stuff we rounded up.

Watch your mouth

This funny game is fun for ages 8 and up. However, if you have older kids it is a hoot to play! Try to figure out what the person is saying with their mouth wide open using one of the included dental guards. Plus, we have one here we made with a free printable of more fun things to say and guess.

Giant Jenga

I am sure you have probably played Jenga, but this one is a giant version you play outdoors (or in a space you don’t mind getting the floors hit as the blocks tumble). For the competitive family that doesn’t want to sit still on game night. Comes in a bag to hold them all too.

Inflatable movie screen

Watch your favorite movie on a giant screen in your own backyard. Ok, for most of us this will be a chilly night during the cold winter months. But it is awesome for spring and summer or for warmer climates. In addition to the screen, you will first need to get a projector to put the image from any movie you want to watch on the big screen.

Popcorn maker

Don’t make boring microwave or stove top popcorn to go with game night or movie night. Make it in your very own popcorn machine like the ones at the theater. It will feel like a real treat, and any family you gift this too will cherish it.

Inflatable bowling

The whole family can get in on the fun with this inflatable bowling. Knock down the pins right in your own living room or yard. It is all inflatable, so the parts aren’t going to ruin your floors or be too loud. Save money on going out to bowl and just do it at home. No gross bowling shoes needed.

Scavenger hunt

The box says 6 and over, but your toddlers and preschool age children can participate too. Partner them up with an older sibling or parent and go on a scavenger hunt. Multiple difficulty levels mean this game can be played with the little ones and grow with your family as they turn into teens. This game will quickly become a favorite of all of yours and make family game night a blast.




This is a fast moving game that is more fun with more people. The box recommends 3-6 players. Fun game that makes you react quick and stay on your toes because you never know when someone is going to grab the spoon and win.



Spikeball is a game that was featured on the show Shark Tank that is fun for family get togethers, parties, tail gating, or just for family game night. Whether you are playing competitive, or playing just for fun this game is great for both. Collapsible legs so you can store it easily. Take it to the beach, camping or the park for a family picnic.


The only time kids can play hookey and not get into trouble is when they are playing this version. This game is similar to darts without the danger or ruining your walls when you miss the board. That makes it a fun game all ages can enjoy too!

So what do you think? Did you get some ideas for family gifts?

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