Family poster under 4 bucks

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When you open a new account (all you need is an email) you can make a photo planner (click here to read about the planner), OR another option is a 12×18 poster print for only $1.99 shipping included! That’s normally $10 plus shipping. With the holidays coming up how about a large print of your family or your favorite photo as a gift. They will think you spent a fortune when really you only spent under $2 bucks!Click Here Looks like they changed the offer. It is $1.99 for the poster plus $1.99 shipping. Still cant pass up on this deal!

Once you are done adding your photo and notes,

you will then check out,

enter the promo code WOW10OFF

when you use this code it will take $10 off your order

So in addition to the photo planner that has a collage of my family, I like it so much that now I am going to get a poster size of it, under my hubby’s new account.

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