Free Colgate Wave Toothbrush at Walgreens

Get yourself some FREE toothbrushes!!!

In this weeks Walgreens ad page 11, they have the Colgate Wave Toothbrushes on sale for 2 for $3.?
  • ?buy 2 you get a $1 register reward ( catalina that prints out after you pay, and you can use it on your next purchase) ?
  • use 2 $1 off MFR coupons, ?In this weeks Albertsons ad, they have Manufacturer coupons printed right in ?their ad for $1.00 off colgate waves or colgate total toothpaste. ?Since they are Manufacturer coupons Walgreen will take them.
  • Final cost- Free
  • ?Make sure you only buy 2 at a time. ?If you buy 4, 6, 8 ?you will still only get 1 /$1 catalina to print. ?They have to be bought in sets of 2, all in different transactions.
  • ?DO NOT use your catalina to pay for the next set of toothbrushes or another catalina WILL NOT print. ?
  • If you try to pay for a your two toothbrushes with 2 MFR coupons and a catalina the register will beep at you……it is because the Walgreens only allows one MRF coupon per item. ?They count the ?Catalina as a MFR coupon. ?If you have more coupons than items, some times you have to use ?”filler” item, find something cheep like a 10 cent pencil. ?Some cashiers know why the register beeps for this problem…….but most of them don’t. ?If you get one that does not know, They get flustered a will tell you that your coupon is not good……It is always so important to be an informed shopper! ?You will save yourself a lot of money
Thanks Angela

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