Free Information kit is back agian!

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We bought one of these Mattresses  a few years ago and LOVE it.  But  it was very nice to get a sample and info kit so I could be well informed before we went shopping for one!  OR if you want you can try the bed on an in-home trial.  I suggest just getting the info kit, the kit includes,

  • 3-Month In-Home Tryout Certificate
  • TEMPUR® Material sample
  • Price list of our Tempur-Pedic products
  • DVD

You can use this kit to make fun little projects as well. Believe it or not if you get the Tepur-pedic foam sample it is the perfect little addition to doing a family egg drop. You know when you try and wrap up an egg and drop it from a high place. Trying to see who can drop it the highest with out breaking. This foam would definitely make you the winner.

As always I suggest you use a “coupon email” when you sign up so your personal account does not get extra mail.