Free Kotex at Walmart***update

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Update***I posted this yesterday but I wanted  to let you all now that there is also a printable coupon from Here, it is $2.00 off 2.  Print it and you are in for some FREE pads!

IMG_1304Walmart has small packages of Kotex pads for only $1.00 each. In last weeks Smart source 6/14  they had a coupon for $1.00 off ANY Kotex pad  Or .75 cents off of liners.  If you use the pads coupon it makes these total FREE, all I had to pay was tax! The coupon did beep and ask the cashier to verify coupon amount…she hit ok and it worked just fine.  If you happen to get a crabby cashier she may give you a hard time about getting them FREE, but the coupon wording says any Kotex Pads so it falls into the correct product for the coupon.

I was in Idaho Falls this week and found them fully stocked at Walmart, So I went ahead an picked up 9 packages for .36 cents tax.  But I am sure after word gets out they will go quick.  Do not worry the coupon is good till 8/08/09 and you have plenty of time to find them in stock!

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