Free Kotex starter kit

kotGet a free Kotex first period starter kit for free. All You is working with Kotex to help young women every where. Click here to get yours.

UPDATE**** looks like they have changed it to a $2.99 shipping charge…bummer.


  1. How/where do you request/sign up? I clicked where it says “click here” but it took me to a totally different random site.
    I see that others have also asked how to request the product, but I don’t see any admin response…..hoping to get a response U0001f64f U0001f440U0001f64d

  2. How do you get the Kotex first period starter kit?????????????? I’ve signed up but now I don’t see the option.

  3. Hi I am a young girl and my mom Dosnt know I have my period please let her no by sending me something from you guys with my name on it and she will realize that I do have my period my friends talk about you guys all the time I’m sure you’re awesome!!!

  4. August 4th 2014 Been looking all day for one of these kits for my daughters but every time I click onthe “click here to order”, it takes me to some freebie page with like 3000 things to go through. PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO OR HOW I CAN DO IT. Thanks, Mom of 10 month apart girls

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