FREE onions in Caldwell….. a chance to give back!

Readers   Update*** I went to get onions this morning (Tuesday) at 9am and they were not there but there were about 30 people “waiting for them to arrive”. Then I came back at 10am and everyone was getting in their cars and leaving. A gentleman told me that the lady came out of the church and said the onions will only be delivered on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS and no other days. Useful information I thought I would share with others…in case anyone else is wondering. So, I am sure this Thursday will be super busy! First come, first serve. When they are gone, they are gone.

Free onion are back again this year!!

They will be putting out new bins of onions between 9 -10 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thrusday and Friday. They said on most days they are picked over and gone by noon, so it is best to get there early. On Wednesday they feed over 700 people a hot meal, so they do not put them out that day.  As a way to try to cut down on traffic.  It sounds like the Oasis center is really trying hard to give back and help those in need.  This would be a great place to offer some of great coupons deals, if you are looking for a place to give back.

onionCrookham Company is a wonderful local company that puts out onions for the community to take for FREE.  I have enjoyed free onions for the last 7 years since I found out about this.  Yesterday was the first day they put them out, they have 6 large wooden bins filled with onions. ( when I went they were rather picked over and many of the bins were already empty)  Many of them are odd shaped or cut, so you have to sort thru the bins.  But there are lots of really really nice onions as well.  I called and they said they will put new bins out every  day….till they run out.  In years past they have had them there for 3-5 weeks.  But each year is different so I do not know how long they will last.  Today was the first day they put them out.

You can find the bins in Caldwell at the Oasis Church parking lot on the corner of 13th and Fillmore.


You will need to bring a bag or a box to put them in.  I keep mine in a shallow box in the garage all winter, and they keep till spring.  I get one box of big ones, for soups.  I go ahead a get a box of small ones too, they are great for recipes that only require a small amount of onion.  They put out yellow onion for the most part, but will randomly put out bins of red and white.

Remember they will fill the bins 4 times a week…so take what your family will use.  But leave enough for others too!


I went inside Oasis Food Center and introduced myself, and told them thank you for once again allowing the onions to be given away on their site.  I found out that they are a non-profit food center that once a week (every Wednesday 12-2pm) feed 165 families which amounts to 700-800 people for FREE.  No questions asked.  They also supply hot meals  as needed, and budget allow on a much smaller level.

They supply 90 backpacks to the Caldwell school system for families in need.   Every week these backpacks go home filled with food for the weekend so they will have something to eat. It just breaks my heart to think some children go home and have nothing to eat!

In the short time I was there, I was reminded of how blessed I am.  As you know I give back  in many different ways, (and no I do not always post about it).  But at least every few weeks we give, there is ALWAYS a need for it and couponing has allowed me to provide for my families needs, as well as others too!

So here is my challenge to all my readers- If you happen to get some free onions think about making a donations to the Oasis Food Center.  Even if it one item, together we can make a difference!  They said they need  everything (food, toothpaste, soap, backpacks… etc) You can drop the items off right inside the doors, next to the onion bins. Lets see what A Thrifty Mom Reader can do!!!