Free Panty Hose

This is a post I did  back in March.  If you are new to the term “rolling your saving” this is a great way to start.  One coupon allows you to get the first package free, but then every package you buy after that is also free.  You do this by using the coupon inside the package towards another pair. ( please note that not every package has the coupon, out of the 10 packages I bought, only 1 did not have the coupon)  Now last time I posted this deal my local store was wiped clean in less than a day.  But just like always after a week or two everyone forgot about the deal.  I checked last week and they were fully stocked again.
In the March 29 smart source insert there was a coupon for $1.00 off any No nonsense product (expires 6/30/09). At Walmart they have the Ultra Sheer Pantyhose for $1 each. This is the normal everyday price. Use the coupon and they are FREE.

I picked up 5 brown and 5 black. All I had to pay was .60 cents tax.

But here is the best part!!!!!!! Inside the package is another $1 off coupon, that you can use for another FREE pair. This coupon is good till 09/30/09. You can “roll” this coupon deal till September 09.
Now that is a THRIFTY DEAL!

Thanks to my good friend Kim for this Thrifty Tip!

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