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Update***I have to tell you how touched I am at all the kind comments I have gotten on this post.  I even had one of my readers look my number up and give me a phone call at home.  I know I do not need to “explain” my life.  But I wanted to make sure even my new readers new why I shop the way I do.  Thanks again, I really do have wonderful readers, without you there would be no reason to write my blog!  So thanks again!

I get hundreds of emails a day, it is very hard to keep up.  But I do read each and every one, and try to reply as I get time.  Today I got this message,
I’m very impressed with the deals you get and the cost savings, but I have to ask – what do you do with all of this?  I’m hoping you give alot of it away, because you can’t possibly use all of this with a family of 5 before it expires… but 16 bottles of soda?  To begin with, it’s very unhealthy – and I think I read in your website that you feed your family healthy.  All of the candy, soda, cookies, etc that you purchase, if they’re for your family or anyone’s family, they’re still unhealthy.  Somestimes for a treat we have them too, but all of your savings may end up being spent in doctor bills down the road due to the high quantity of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fat you must be consuming.
I hope you don’t take this as criticism but as a suggestion of something to think long and hard about, because I hate to think that your children are consuming all of this and you still think it’s healthy for them.  All the fruits and vegetables in the world won’t make up for the damage done by the sugar.  I just get concerned when I see people eating this way just because it’s a “deal”.
I’ve been trying hard to use coupons to get things less expensive, free, or to buy something I wouldn’t be able to justify the cost for otherwise, but to me this just seems over the top.
I do enjoy your emails, and all of the offers you take the time to find for all of us, but please consider what you’re buying just for the sake of the deal.
I have to tell you that one thing I was not ready for when I started to write this blog was the fact that thousands of people are “watching” the way I live my life.   The way we live works for us, but I agree it may not be for everyone.  So please do not feel that I am asking you to substitute my judgment for your own.
First off, the way I shop is far from normal…..I pretty much buy what is at it’s lowest price point that week, stock up and save it for the future.   So yes I may not buy meat for months, but that is because I have a freezer full.  Or I may buy 16 bottles of soda one week but will not buy it again for months.  ( Plus I bought it to give away, as Christmas gifts,  if the family’s I give it too feel it is unhealthy then they can toss it in the trash….but it was the thought that counts I guess)  This summer we did not buy much fresh produce because we had so much coming from our garden.  I may not buy as many fresh fruits and veggies as some of you…..but that is because I have jars and jars that I have canned during the summer.
I am far from a health specialist, but I am a Mom who loves her kids more than anything, we eat what I feel is a well balanced diet.  I do cook most things from scratch,  and my girls enjoy helping me cook in the kitchen.  If I would let them yes they would eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner…..but at our home it is held back for a special treat.  I hope that you as my readers understand that what you read on my blog is just a small window into my life.  Thanks to all of you read my blog!

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