Get a $25 gift card for only $2

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Save 80% Off w/every $25 Gift Cert. order. Use code CHEF and Pay $2 thru 9/30/09 at  You can use these all across the country, so type in your location and see what restaurants are in your area.

We use these when we go out to eat, and love them.  This is a copy of my bill the last time I used one at Silver Spur here in Caldwell.  My bill would have been $48.68 but I was able to get it for $19.47.  A very Thrifty price for a steak dinner for a family of 5.  You do need to read the fine print most of them say you have to order $35.00 in orderto use you $25 gift card and they require a 18% tip.  I am happy to do both of these and always feel like we get a thrifty deal.  The best part is you can print these right of your home computer so you do not need to wait for them to show up in the mail!  Click logo above for more details.

silver spur bill

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