Gift guide for teen boys

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Gift guide for teen boys

Have a teen boy you are shopping for? Take a look at our Gift guide for teen boys and see if we can help.

Gift guide for teen boys


Poop card game

A game can be a great gift for anyone. Give them the right game and you will keep your teen off the electronics and having fun with other people. However surly and grumpy your teen can be, getting them to play a game with the family on their own seems like a gift for everyone.

Bungee chair

Seating can be bulky and take up a lot of room that we don’t always have. A bungee chair is foldable so you don’t have to worry about always taking up all of your space. When they aren’t in it fold it and put it away. Of course, you can leave it out all the time too. Great seating for a kids room, family room, or even for camping.

VR headset

VR headsets are so fun. Have you tried them? My son got one for his birthday and has had a blast with it. Put your device in the front, use an app you upload onto your device and begin your VR experience. Even better, not all the apps cost either so there is a lot of thrifty ways to have the whole experience.


A bottle of cologne is a gift almost anyone will love. Get them some cologne that is teen approved. I tend to avoid the Axe brand and some of the others like that when buying a gift because they can be so, so overpowering. But a good cologne can make all the difference.

Money puzzle

If you are still thinking that cash is the best gift, or if cash is all that your teen wants or is asking for there are options that make it feel less boring. Give them a puzzle that they have to solve in able to open it up and get the cash out of the inside.

Dancing water speakers

Pretty much all of us love music. Whether its classical, jazz or hip hop they are listening to they will love these fun speakers. Let them listen to it on these dancing water speakers. Yep, dancing water speakers. Speakers that aren’t just a boring speaker. They put on a show too. They will love having them in their room or using them for their next get together.

Clever tshirt

We all wear clothes and clothes wear out. Grab them a graphic tee with a saying they will love. Teen guys especially almost always love a good graphic tee. There are so many different tees you can definitely find something that is just right for your guy.


Watches are coming back and are being worn again more and more. Get your teen a watch they will love to wear. There are all different price points and styles to pick from too so you can get a watch they will love to wear everyday.



Old and young teens alike all can use a good wallet. Young teens are often just getting used to carrying cash and IDs while older teens often have a drivers licence and need a good place to keep it. Some of these wallets even have a chain on them so your teen won’t drop it unknowingly.

Mini drone

Drones come in so many different sizes and price points for basically any budget.  In addition to this drone being tiny it has a tiny price tag to go with it. Finally, it has reviews that show many happy purchasers. They are going to love using this drone too.

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