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I got this email from one of my readers yesterday,

“I usually go to the Albertsons that is super close to my house, but I was visiting the other one yesterday and the manager was so nice and friendly, offered to show my friend and I how to score some great deals, plus told us how we could make $6 by buying Capri Suns today that he had coupons for. I told him how much we appreciated being validated as coupon users instead of being treated like criminals. So if any of your readers live in the Tri-Cities, visit the Albertsons in Richland on Lee and ask for Bill. I will only be shopping there from now on, I was really impressed. Just wanted to share.”

Do you even have to ask what my favorite store is……I think I make it very well know that the Caldwell,  Idaho( stadium store) Albertsons is my favorite store.  They are well stocked, coupon friendly, and make it a wonderful place to shop!

So if you have a favoirte store……and you want to give them a shout out, leave a comment.  Make sure you say what state you are in,  and the store location to help others find your favorite store.

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