Grandparent’s Gift Photo Board for $22.99 (was $34.99) 2 days only.

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Order Here—> Cute Grandparent’s Gift Photo Board for $22.99 (was $34.99) 2 days only.

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Order Here—> Cute Grandparent’s Gift Photo Board for $22.99 (was $34.99) 2 days only.

Product Description

The best Christmas gifts are those that make Grandma tear up. This is the perfect gift to pair your photos with and give to each of the Grandparent’s in your kid’s lives!


  • Wood sign measures approximately 21 inches long by 5.5 inches tall
  • Comes with 5 small wood clothespins
  • Comes assembled, but clothespins are not attached
  • Hanging hardware IS included
  • Choose between three non-custom sayings or three sayings on the custom name boards
  • Choose between three stain options: Gray Stain, Brown Color Wash, and Sunbleached Stain
  • Customize your Grandparent(s) names on the three custom boards
  • ***If your design choice is not a customizable one, please put N/A in the customize field***

Customization Details: 

  • Please check spelling
  • Customize with two names or one.
  • If one name, the word “House” will be included on the “Cousins” and “Family is Forever” board. Example: “Grandma & Grandpa’s” or “Grandma’s House.”
  • If one name, the Our Favorite People will transition to My Favorite People to keep it grammatically correct. Example: “My Favorite People Call Me Grammie.”
  • There is no need to add an apostrophe or make the names plural. If you pronounce the name with an s, please include the s. Then the apostrophe will be on the outside of the s. Example: Pops. Include the ‘s’ and on the board, the name will be Pops’ House or Mimi & Pops’. Please do not include the s if the name is Pop. Then the name will be Pop’s House or Mimi & Pop’s. If you include spaces or capitalization mid-name, they will be spaced or capitalized on the board. Same for if you don’t include spaces or all lowercase letters. Example: Granddad vs. Grand Dad vs. GrandDad.
Product Details

  • Customizable grandparent’s names
  • Choose from 6 saying options
  • Choose from 3 different stain options
  • Comes with 5 small clothes pins