Great gift ideas

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So I recently came across the site Taylor Gifts. This is such a great site. They carry all of those gifts that are totally unique. With the holidays coming and the need to find those individual gifts for that crazy uncle, or eccentric nephew. Taylor Gifts have everything. My favorite are the solar Christmas lights. They have so many to choose from. I also like the locking toilet paper holder! P35295_120

In the home decor I love the rechargeable tea light. You know we all hate the melted wax of those small tea candles. With the rechargeable tea lights its easy to have those cute little candles. The other day on one of those do it your self shows I saw them use wood tiles instead of actual wood. I thought it was a great idea, and noticed that Taylor Gifts also carries the wood squares.

They also have metal tiles for the wall. This is the newest thing in home remodeling. P27490_120I spent over a hour browsing through their site. I just love it. So check it out and see what you can find! Visit Taylor Gifts today to find those perfect Gifts