Happy 4th from the A Thrifty Mom Family

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Hope you are all able to take the day off, and celebrate this wonderful country that we live in!  We have been spending the day with Matt’s Family, building traditions and trying to teach patriotism to our little ones.

I started out by watching the local parade in Idaho Falls.  Of course we had to park a few blocks away, then walk to the parade.  I soon found out just how useful it is to have a teenager living with us.   Paulin happily pushed the stroller as Matt and I took care of the other kids, thru the massive crowds of people.

My sweet little girls, watching the parade.

Standing to solute the soldiers, a simple way to tell them thank you for fighting to keep us all FREE!

Watching the parade from Daddy’s shoulders is always fun!

We came back and had a delicious BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs, and salads thanks to Matts Mom.

Hope you are all enjoying your 4th as well.

We are heading out to the Baseball game later, and then fireworks 🙂

Thrifty Deals can wait… today is a day to create memories with my family!

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