Happy Fathers Day from our Family to yours!!!

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Hope you are all taking time to enjoy the Fathers and Husband in your life today.  Thrifty deals can be put on hold…. I encourage you to honor the men in your life, and  spend the day enjoying time with them!

I feel bad that Matt has to work today, but also feel blessed that he will be caring for sick babies in the hospital all day.  Which only shows just how lucky I am to be married to my best friend.. he spent all weekend working hard to tile my bathroom floor, running  the coding on our website, taking our boys to Home Dept with Papa so they can have “man time”.   He even woke up with me in the  early morning hours to help me put out yard sale items, on his only day to sleep in.  I know he is exhausted…. but on his special day he still has to go to work.  Yet he will go with a smile and care for sick little ones.  I am truly blessed to be able to have him as my partner in life.  Matt I hope your day is wonderful!

I took this picture of my Dad this weekend, who came to support us for our Save Lives Save Money event.   I was so happy to see him walk thru the door. If you know my Dad, you know that he is a man of few words.  He may not say much, but he is always there for me to show support in all the important or difficult times in my life.  Quietly leading by example and kindness. I know the importance of fathers at home cannot be overstated. My dedication to working hard at everything I do, is a direct refection of the endless  hours he worked ( and still works) to  provide for his family and take care of the family farm.  I love you Daddy 🙂

Happy Fathers Day!

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