Hidden OFF! catalina at Walgreens ~ pick some up as low as $2.49

With the warm weather comes camping trips, late night stargazing, walks after dinner at dusk and with all that are pesky mosquitos. Each year I restock the camping supplies and send the kids off to camp with a fresh can. With these coupons stacked with the Walgreen coupon you can stock up.

The catalina will print until 6/15 but Walgreens sale prices end 5/31. off catalina from walgreens

Walgreens OFF! Scenario good thru 5/31

Buy (2) Off! Clip-on Refills @ $5.49 each

$1.50 off any OFF! Clip-On™ Mosquito Repellent

Or here is another scenario:
Buy (1) Off! Smooth & Dry Repellent @ $5.49
AND Buy (1) Off! Sweat Active Spray@ $5.49

$1.00 off any OFF! Personal Insect Repellent

Other Off! coupons
$2.00 off any TWO OFF! Area Insect Repellents
$1.00 off any OFF! Explore™ product