HOLLY MOLLY there is a gator in my back yard

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gator in the yard

So I was swinging on the hammock in the back yard under our huge walnut tree with the kids. We were laughing, singing and then my eye caught a glimpse of something…. something in the dirt.  Something that should not be there… HOLLY MOLLY there is a gator in my back yard.

Wait… we live in Idaho, they don’t live here.

As I peeked thru the holes in the hammock (yes there was no way I was putting my feet on the ground with that thing in my yard) I realized it was my sons 2 foot  plastic toy. Oops, well I felt a bit foolish.  But  you better believe I was ready to tackle that thing like a mad crock hunter to keep my kids safe :). But glad I was able to keep those mad skills to myself… LOL.

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  1. Oh my!!! That was a good laugh. Glad you are able to contain your ‘mad skills’!!!

  2. An alligator was found in Joplin Mo this week in a pot hole. I was thinking this was really ironic and crazy until I got to the end 🙂

  3. hahah would have been even better if you used your mad skills and started kicking gator butt before realizing it was a toy!

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