We have all see the stories recently of a person getting HIV from a nail salon after getting her nails done. This is a sure way to not get infected with someone else’s germs.

It’s so easy that even Matt, my hubby does it for me. He even will spend time with our two girls and do their nails when I’m gone just to pass the time. And my husband is the furthest from what you would think. When people seem surprised that he does my nails he just says, can you paint door trim? It’s about that hard. A steady hand and spending time with people you love is what it is all about. And you know its hard to paint your own nails with your non-dominant hand. We also now know what are semi cured nails.

How to do shellac gel polish at home

How to paint your nails with Shellac Gel Nail Polish:

First make sure you use the best nail strengthener after acrylic nails, then that your nails are shaped the way you want with the cuticles trimmed back. Then gently rub the nail file over the top of your nails. Not to take off any nail layers, but to gently roughen the surface to allow better sealing. You then rub your nails with the Cleanser liquid to clean the nails before applying the next coat. Next apply the pH Bond to the entire nail. There is no need to be careful if you get this on your skin, it is just to remove any oils and dry your nails to prep for the foundation. Next carefully apply the clear Foundation to just the nails as you would any polish. Once you are ready insert your nails into the UV light bank and wait a full two minutes while it cures. A tip is to make sure the foundation doesn’t pool up in the area where your nail meets the skin on the edges. Next apply the color you would like as the base color. A light pink makes a fun base for a French Tip. Or if you prefer the natural look with the tip you can leave the base alone with just the foundation there. Next in my case with French Tips, gently apply a light coat to the tips of your nails in a gentle arch. Be sure to apply it lightly. Too much and it will crackle in the UV light. If it does it shouldn’t matter too much one you apply the topcoat you won’t be able to see the crackles. Once you apply the tip color, use a small brush like a square tip brush is what we like to use. Dip the brush in rubbing alcohol, gently pat the extra alcohol off and wipe the nail from one side to the other to form the arch you like. Once you have the the color of the nail the way you like it, insert your nails under the UV light bank for another 2 minutes. Remember each time you apply a layer, no matter how small, before you apply another you need to cure it in the UV light bank for a full two minutes. After you have the color layers the way you like them, you apply the Top It Off Top Coat. After applying the Top It Off topcoat, cure your nails in the UV light bank for at least two minutes. After you are done curing the nails, gently rub the nails with tissue or a cotton ball with the Cleanser or some rubbing alcohol on it. This removes the sticky layer from the curing process and gives your nails a smooth feel. Next apply generously to the nail bed and cuticles the Nourish bottle. This is an oil based application that absorbs into your skin around the nail to help guard against the dryness from the lights and the pH Bond coat. Now you can enjoy your nails.

To remove your old Gel Shellac nails, or artificial nails, you soak them in the Remover. You can purchase that or you can pick up some Acetone from your local DIY tool store like Home Depot or Lowes in the paint section. That is really all the Remover is but with some pretty coloring.

shellac nail kit

Now you can do your own shellac gel nails at home. With the gel nail polish and this UV curing light you can save money and do your own nails at home! Why pay for someone else to do it when you can do it ! Now you can even do your friends or your little girls nails with out spending a fortune at a salon.