i declare! Charms Sale

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i declare! charms is having a birthday celebration!  It’s namesake, Claire, is turning 2!  So they are having a 20% off sale to celebrate!  The sale is this week only.  Use coupon code CLAIRE2 to get your 20% off– good for anything on the website.
Go to www.ideclarecharms.com to order your necklace with your personalized charms!
i declare! charms makes the super popular sterling silver discs that can be put on a necklace or a bracelet.  You can have the charms personalized with your kids names, or any other word you like.  i declare! charms has much THRIFTY-ER prices than any other silver company, and with this sale, it is SUPER THRIFTY!

Don’t forget- CLAIRE2 to get your discount.  Offer ends 7.23.09