Idaho Statesman Sunday paper now $2.00 each!

paper deal

I got a few  emails over the weekend asking me if I had heard that the Idaho Statesman was going to raise the price of the Sunday Paper from $1.50 up to $2.00 a paper.  I had not heard of this, so I called and they confirmed that yes they will raising their newsstand price up to $2.00 a paper.  This is CRAZY, for the most part they get the exact same inserts as the Idaho Press Tribune which is only $1.00 at the newsstand.  Or only .60 cents  delivered to your home.

Most of you all ready know that you can get the Idaho Press Tribune for only .60 cents each with the A Thrifty Mom paper deal.  For all the details click here.  Now for any of you who are in the delivery area of the Idaho Press Tribune it is no question which paper to buy, $13.20 a month for the daily paper PLUS 4 SUNDAY PAPERS… one Thrifty deal.  But many of you in the Boise area are still outside of the delivery area.  So here is what you need to do, call Greg at the Idaho Press Tribune  208-870-2784, and tell him that you want the paper in your area.  He will add you to a list and when they get enough people in your area they will open up a new delivery route to you!  They were able to open up 2 new areas in May.  So don’t be shy and give Greg a call!

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