If you are Frugal do you need self-control to keep yourself on track for fitness goals

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One of my frugal friends recommended the site Learn Vest, they send out a daily email with money  tips, crafts, decorating ideas… frugal living.  I have to say I really enjoy their articles and find them useful… best part they are not spammy or filled with ads.

This week they wrote a great guide to the cost of  fitness, time commitment  and how much will power it takes to stay commented. I found it very useful and thought you may enjoy it as well.  But I can not cut and paste the list so If you want to take a peek at it you will need to head over to Learn Vest.  Their site is free to join, but does require an email (you can always use your coupon email, if you want to keep you inbox clear..but I rather enjoy their updates) In the search bar, in the top right type in: Get in Shape! Find the Best Workouts for You and Your Budget

Often, the pricier choices—like exercise classes or hiring a personal trainer—require less willpower because there’s a minimum time commitment and an instructor to goad you into first, showing up, and then, working out your hardest. Of course, if you have the self-control to keep yourself on track, you can probably make do with one of the lower-cost variations.