In Depth Look at out ToolBar

Matt made a video that shows each feature of our toolbar and how to use it. I thought a step by step video would help those who have always wondered if they should download it and all of the features it contains. ( There is no sound because Matt is a chicken, and did not want to talk…haa haa haa, but he has shown you in the video and then you read all the instructions below.)  Hope you enjoy!

Some may not know but we have our own personal, private A Thrifty Mom Tool bar you can down load here.

whatsnewThe first thing is shows is its location. Next is the Whats New tab. It opens all of the newest post that we have made. That way while you are busy on the next or doing your budget online you can stay up to dat with the most current deals and not miss out on any printable coupons or free offers that always go so quick!

coupontipsNext is our Coupon Tips tab. This hold the links to Coupons 101 in case you need a refresher. It also has a link to review what we do and how we enter Freebies in our Freebies 101 link. The Trouble Printing link in case there is an issue that comes up and help is needed. Next answers the dreaded question of what to do with the all  of the Expired Coupons we come up with. Also is a list of Coupon Policies that we have found.

printcouponsNext I show you our Print Coupons tab. Each of the major printable sites –,,, and I only open the Redplum sub-tab just to show what it does.

freesamplesThe Free Samples link shows a quick and easy way to find all of the free samples that we post on plus tons more that we don’t have room to post about.

emailThe Email tab shows a Letter with a little bell ringing in front. This is the easiest way to enter in and follow all of the email accounts that many of us use. You can enter in as many as you want, and it will show how many emails each account has and you can set the settings on how often for it to check in and update. This makes it easy to review your personal email, your work email, and your special email for free samples.

currentpostNext is a cool link for Current Post. The main reason why have added this is that it shows the pictures of the post along with a short link description. Great for the more visually inclined readers.

facebookNext is the Facebook tab. This tab allows you full access to your Facebook account. Makes it super easy to check in with your Facebook friends with out opening a new tab and leaving the work your doing on the enter net like reading our site.

joNext link is the JO. Stands for Jamie Oliver. He had a few shows on the food network and one called the Naked Chef. He makes simple easy to make recipes that are quick and look very complex. The are so easy even I make them! (Matt). There are frequent updates and new recipes all the time!

huluNext is the Hulu tab. Now while you are scouring our site for the greatest deals and matchups you can get up to date on all of the televisions shows. Watch the funnest clips and cools shows in the full access Hulu link.

aolNext is the AOL Radio tab. When you are just wanting some up beat music to listen to, or want to wind down with some relaxing music, simply click the AOL Radio link and sit back and relax! You can select radio stations in your favorite cites, You can listen to the news in almost all of the big cities. You can listen to sports (or your hubby) on both AM and FM. You can save your favorite stations in the presets tab

mapsThe image of the earth tab is Google Maps. Now you can quickly cut and past directions to the next big sale at a new store you want to try out. Or maybe you got the gift certificates to a new resuarant and need to find out how to get there. Simply cut and paste the directions into your tab and off you go!

The Weather tab you can set to your current location and it keeps you up to date on how much clothes your kids really should be wearing as they run out side to play. And lets you know the forcast so you now waht to wear to the next big coupon matchup shopping trip!

This ToolBar is changing and I have the ability to add many more links and tabs. If there is anything that you would like to see add to the toolbar, for making your life easier or even adding some fun to it then just let me know by leaving a comment here.