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I was happy to find 2 coupon inserts in today’s paper, the Smart source and the Red Plum.  On the Back of the Red plum was an Ad for Albertsons and it has 3 DOUBLE coupons on it and they are good till the 21st!!!!  They are getting sneaky and hiding them all over the place now!  I sure was happy to find them!  With both the inserts there are over $70.00 in coupons  that is a pretty good return…being that I only paid .60 cents for my paper!


If you buy your Sunday papers from the news stand   MAKE SURE you look to see if the coupons are in them.  There has been a huge problem with people stealing the coupons from the papers and not buying the paper. You are out of luck if your coupons are missing from the news stand.  But  If you get the paper delivered to your home ,and have a subscription with them, and if for any reason your coupons or inserts are missing  CALL THEM SUNDAY MORNING ASAP!!!  They will be happy to bring out your missing inserts but they need to have you call in time to get on that days re-deliver route.  For the Idaho Press Tribune customer service call 208-467-9252

I am lucky to have a local paper, The Idaho Press Tribune that lets me buy Multiple Sunday papers for only .60 cents each.  To ready about the A Thrifty Mom paper deal click here.  This has been a huge key to my coupon savings because I am able to get multiple coupons at a rock bottom price!

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