Jolly TIme Popcorn cutting retailers


Emily sent us this email:

I got a letter from JOLLY TIME Popcorn – you probably got one too. It says that Albertsons in Caldwell(and nationwide ) will no longer be carrying JOLLY TIME on their shelves. Then it tells how to get two free coupons by e-mailing them. E-mail :

Include the following in the e-mail:
* “You prefer and are loyal to JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and will shop at another store to purchase JOLLY TIME if necessary.”
* Your name and address
* Street and City of the Albertsons store you normally shop
* Your Favorite JOLLY TIME Pop Corn Product.

It says to share this e-mail and instructions with others for a free coupons sent in the mail. All needs to be done before August 15th.

I have the letter if you would like me to give it to you to scan or something.

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