Kidvantage program at Sears Ended as of 6/1/12

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Thanks to Kristel for passing this along I hope it will be helpful to some of you!

I know alot of Thrifty Moms do what they can to save money.  I found out about  Kidvantage about a year ago and with the boys I am in love with it.  But, yesterday I went to Sears to replace some shoes and jeans thru Sears and they no longer honor the Kidvantage anymore as of June 1.  They will honor any sales of Kidvantage before June 1st ONLY IF you have your reciept.  So, I don’t know if that is something you use or any of your readers but it was information I would have loved having before I drove over to Boise.

I talked with some people at Sears about this last week, and they told me they had to end the program due to people taking advantage of the program and replacing the same pair of pants or shoes OVER AND OVER family to friend.  When it was only suppose to replace the product for once child use, not a whole community!   They wanted to find another solution but the wide abuse of the program made it unable to work the way it was first intended.

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