Last Day for Savings!

LAST DAY IS Thursday the 19th Don’t Miss Out!!!

One of our readers got $225 of gift certificates for only $27, they will be eating like a King!

Take 70% Off with every order of $25 Gift Certificates. Use code PREZ and pay $3 thru 2/19/09.

Click on the link above to use the special code at to save 70% off your order. If you have never used this before it works like this.
On their website simply type in your zip code, the range in mileage you want to search, and it pulls up all the restaurants with in that criteria. You then simply pick the restaurant you want to eat at. With this code you pay $3 for a gift certificate worth $25 at the restaurant of your choice. You will need to spend, in most cases, $35 at the restaurant, but then hand over the gift certificate and they take $25 off your bill! This offer starts Monday Feb. 16 and ends the 19th. Hurry don’t miss out!