Live WHOLEheartedly

We are so excited to announce that we will be working closely with Safeway and their partner stores for the next few weeks. Each week you will be updated with some wonderful information dealing with their new  promotion called “Live WHOLEheartedly“. It is sponsored by Kellogg’s and Campbell’s via the Safeway brands.
In the next few weeks we will be sharing tons of information on having a healthy heart by living whole HEARTedly. Sharing recipe and simple meal ideas showing that eating nutritious and healthy foods can still be thrifty and save you money! And much much more!
Living healthy doesn’t mean starting your own workout club, or running around in spandex! By taking simple steps in diet, exercise and by working together with companies like Campbell’s , Kellogg’s and Safeway brands can help you accomplish your healthy goals!
So check out “Live WHOLEheartedly” and stay tuned for tips, coupons, recipes and much much more!

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