Local thrifty deals at Albertsons

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Thanks to Tina for passing this along

I was in my Albertsons store today and they have the kids Colgate toothpaste with Diego on it for clearance at 1.19 each. I had a 1.00 off two coupon that expired on 12/31/2009 not sure what insert. Total cost 1.38 for two tubes of toothpaste. They had many of them on the shelf. They also had some hams on sale with 2.00 off tags and there was Sierra Mist 2 liters that are part of the buy three get a 1.00 off with 50 cents off each coupons on them. I paid 1.10 for the 3, 2 liters. These were over by the meat too.

Thanks to Terri for passing this along,

Fresh express spinach 2.69. BOGO. There are coupons at 16th st store for 2.00 off of 2 packages, so net is 69 cents for two.

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