Magic Jack – Phone less then $20 per year

I have read a lot about this Phone system and think it’s very cool. Its a jack that you plug into your USB port on your computer, and then plug you phone line in to it. You can set up a phone number any where in the U.S. And you still use your normal phone.
Example: You live in California, but you want to call you parents and family that ALL live in New York City. You are tired of paying long distance, so get the Magic Jack and set up your phone number to be the area code in New York City! Now you can call them and they can call you with out paying long distance charges! Plus its only $20 per YEAR!
You also get:
FREE call waiting,
FREE directory assistance,
FREE voice mail,
FREE three way calling,
FREE call forwarding!
Now don’t go asking me if I use it. I don’t, because I have a internet, cable, and phone bundle I’m stuck with. But if I didn’t this is what I would be using. There have been so many good reviews on this system.
But with a FREE 30 day Trial how can you go wrong.
The following have written great reviews of this 2008 Product of the Year:
LA Times, BBC, CNBC, PC Magazine, New York Times, and many more. Check for your self by clicking the logo above.

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