Making the most of my FREE coupons

Normal price would have been $34.49
Sale price saved me $8.49
coupons saved me over $21
Total paid $4.57

For the last 5 weeks Rite Aid has put out a $5 off a $25 dollar purchase coupon.  I have told you  in the past to make sure to hand over the $5 off coupons first then, hand over all the other coupons.  Today my family ran out of Vitamin C.  It was on sale at Rite Aid for buy one get one Free. ( saving me $8.49 on the 2nd bottle)  But here is how I made it an even better deal.  I had coupons from a Kraft Giveaway  for a FREE box of crackers and a Free can of nuts.  I also had coupons from a few Sundays back that made these mentos FREE.  So all these items came to $26 plus tax.  I handed her over my $5 off $25 coupon FIRST which brought down my total to $21, then I handed her all my other coupons.  (These items were all free after coupons.)  SO after is was all said and done I paid $4.57.  

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