May is Better Hearing & Speech Month

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Did you know May is Better Hearing and Speech Month?  Hearing loss affects over 34 million Americans including 3 million children.  This condition deeply affects the life of those who have it and the people in their lives.  Join Rayovac this month to help spread the word about hearing disorders.   Let us know if you or anyone in your life has been affected.  If so, please feel free to share your story. For those struggling with speech and communication issues, this secondary cognitive verb toolkit will help you or anyone who faces this condition.

For more information about Better Hearing and Speech Month and hearing loss go to

Also, to support better hearing and the professionals in the industry, Rayovac is in search of the 2011 Hearing Professional of the Year.   The Hearing Professional of the Year nomination gives patients an opportunity to thank and reward their Hearing Professional by recognizing them for making a difference in their lives.  Please let your community know about this genuine opportunity to vote for their favorite hearing professional.

Voting details, award info and a Rayovac Hearing Aid coupon can be found under the “Hearing Aid Batteries” tab on the left sidebar of the Rayovac Facebook Page

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