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I just wanted to give you a little update about a post we did yesterday (listed below) on a wonderful  cause we want to help promote.   I have never met Neal and Angie, but saw their link posted on Facebook thanks to Neals brother Nephi (who we happen to adore).  I watched the first video and was moved to share it with my readers.

But then last night I happened to notice another video they did, that showed the blankets they were able to gather last year and those who helped.  Shows them with their tiny Angel Jaden. First they did an amazing job on the video, and second I was inspired how they took a tragic event and turned it into such a uplifting positive experience.  Blessing the lives of so many others.  My sister lost her little girl Jessie at 24 weeks, when I as pregnant with Matthew.  So the loss of a tiny loved one is something we have gone thru with my own family.

Also I have been on the receiving end of a blanket given to a hospital.  The months we stayed in the hospital repairing our sons tiny heart  were hard. It was amazing the joy a new blanket would bring to a difficult day.  The happy patterns, and bright colors seemed to bring a little ray of light to a difficult time.  When they would wheel my baby boy into surgery, I was left with empty arms and tears running down my face….wiped away by his blanket.  And when he was well enough again, I would wrap him in that tear stained blanket thankful the Lord granted me one more day with him.  I am sure those who gave that blanket never knew the impact they would have…. so now I invite you to join us on this service project .

The family to one on our friends is putting on a service project that I hope we all can be involved with. It is called Calling All Angels. To describe it and what to expect please watch the video, and read their story below.

My husband and I wanted to do a service project in honor of our son Jayden’s birthday.  He was born at 23 weeks old on May 30, 2009 and was just too small to pull through.

This is the second year we’ve decided to do this service project. Last year we posted the service idea on our blog and entitled it “Calling All Angels” asking anyone that wanted to could help by donating baby blankets. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we received by so many, friends, family, and even strangers.

We decided to donate the blankets to a hospital as we know how meaningful the blankets that Jayden was wrapped in are to us. It is something physical I was able to take home and that I can pull out and hold when I’m missing him.

We feel the blankets are symbolic because as we were waiting for Jayden to be born, the hospital staff, family and friends surrounded us with their support, love and warmth, just as blankets bring love and warmth to the babies they are wrapped around.

Visit their blog

Or Send your blankets to:

Calling all Angels
c/o Neil and Angie
P.O. Box 5963
Fullerton, Ca 92838-5963

So join us and Facebook, Tweet, email this and get the word out to every one you know. Make sure you tell your friends to pass it on as well!

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