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Many of you know that Matt is really into family history, and finding out how each generation connects to the next.  It is a long story but he has never met (while he was old enough to remember) any of his relatives ( grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles) thus leaving a question : where did I come from.  So now as an adult he enjoys learning about his family history.  Last year he found the “missing link” –  Pierre Francios –   a Barrand from France that came to America in 1821.  This opened a whole new world of communication with his relatives living in France.  Thru a series of event we were asked if one of Matt’s 9th cousins children could come spend a summer with us.  I’ll be honest at first I was totally against the idea, but after time I had a change of heart.

Well the day finally came, and 16 year old Paulin from France was on his way to America.  We have all been rather excited, and looking forward to his arrival.   It has been a good opportunity to try and teach our children how to be a good host, and showing kindness to others.

The girls spend a few hours coloring this sign, and making cards so he would feel welcome.

We met him at the airport gate, and the kids were all smiles.

Somewhere between France and America his baggage was lost… so we had to wait a bit to get that all sorted out.

The kids didn’t mind they had never been to the airport before and  thought the baggage claim was the coolest thing ever ( poor kids are a little sheltered…but hey it is easy to entertain them)

Finally found his bags, and were able to get home.  Paulin was exhausted after his long flight, but we are already enjoying him.  He speaks English rather well…. but many slang terms he has no idea what we are talking about. For example, the baby was stinky and I said sorry I think he pooped let me change him… and Paulin said “what is Poop” in a fantastic  French accent. The kids about feel over laughing, and I got a good chuckle as well.  Looking forward to the next 5 weeks with a teenager living in our home.

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