My Thrifty Readers

 I love it when my readers share their good deals with me.  It makes me feel like I am doing so good in the world.  I am so happy for all of you who are able to get some Thrifty deals!

My total price for all of this at Walmart was $37.62, was $57.62 before coupons. Love it. ( Great job Tami)

readers-picThis is another one of my Readers Walgreens deals ( Great job Sydney)

My husband and I own our own hardwood flooring business, and because of
the type of work that my husband does day in and day out (and because we
have two young sons) we go through a TON of band-aids.  While I typically
don’t mind using generic items, generic bandages just don’t cut-it with
all my boys.  We really like the Band-Aid brand tough strips or fabric
band-aids.  Today at walgreens I was able to buy 4 packages of band-aids,
and two of the spray-y neosporins (which we use equally as much) for
$18.16!  (I also got some hair products for me…with coupons…and
because the whole family was there some candy had “fallen” into the
cart!).  All of the items that I purchased should have cost $51.06 (that
is a savings of $32.90!)!  YAY!
BUT, perhaps more impressive (if you ask me) was the coffee!  I am a
full-time student, and a homeschooling Mommy…I NEED my coffee.  Espresso
Please?  I was able to buy 8 packages of espresso (which should have been
$66.38) for $18.38!  IT WAS AWESOME!