My Thrifty Walgreens Deals

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Before Sale Price or coupons this would have cost $90.51
I was able to get it all for $5.10


I did this deal in 3 transactions, I do it this way so I can “ROLL” my register rewards.  Please note that not all stores will let you split up your purchases.  But my local store has always been happy to do it this way.  I always check out at the cosmetics counter, (normally less busy) and if someone else needs to check out I let them go ahead of me.  To view the full match up for Walgreens click here.

IMG_1151Transaction #1

Cover Girl cosmetics Buy one get one 50% off ( powder I bought was $7.49 each)

  • use the B1G1 free from 2/7 PG
  • $1 from 2/14 Red Plum
  • Final Price: $2.74 for both items

Sour patch kids on sale for .49 cents this week (used them as a filler item, so my coupon item ratio would work out, and I could pay with a Register Reward)

Paid with a $3.00 Register Reward from the Huggies deal 2 weeks ago, final price .73 cents plus .74 cents tax= $1.47  (total saved $16.04)

IMG_1152Transaction #2

Ester-C supplements from $10.99, Buy one get one free

  • use the $5 coupon  from 1/3 Red Plum  (valid thru 1/24) or 2/21 smart source ( use 2)
  • Final Price: 2/$.99

Crest Cavity Protection 6.4-oz $2.29 ( my store they were $2.79)

Gillette RR Deal: Fusion or Venus razors $8.99 each – buy 1 get $4 Register Reward

  • use the $4 coupon  from 2/7 PG – Fusion
  • Pay $4.99
  • get back a $4.00 rr
  • like paying $.99

4 packages of  candy on sale for .49 cents (used them as a filler items, so my coupon item ratio would work out, and I could pay with a Register Reward)

Paid with $9.00 in register rewards from last weeks deals, brought my total down to $1.10 plus $1.99 sales tax= $3.09  (total saved $46.19)

IMG_1153Transaction #3

Royal Pudding on sale for 4 for $1 with in store ad coupon

Jello 2 for $1 with instore ad coupon

  • also used (2) MFR coupon from Christmas ad in December for $1.25 off 3
  • Final price 6 for .50 cents

Trident Layers $.99

  • use the $.75 from 2/7 Smart Source (regional coupon)
  • Final Price: $.24

Sugar Free Mentos $.99

  • use the $.55 coupon  from 2/21 Smart Source
  • Final Price: $.44

I also bought 4 3 Musketeers , which should have printed out a $1.50 register reward…but they did not print, so I just returned them.  I bought these as filler items so I could pay with my Register reward .

My subtotal was $2.49 plus .88 cents tax= $3.37  ( but I returned the candy bars for $2.83 cash back)  total  paid .54 cents (total saved $20.35)


  • One thing to remember about Walgreens RR is you can not use a ”chap stick RR” to pay for another chap stick and have another RR print.  BUT you can use a  “toothpaste” RR to pay for chap stick and have another RR print.
  • Also remember that Walgreens has a coupon item ratio rule, you can only use as many coupons as you have items.  They count RR as coupons.   So if  I was only buying 4 items ( all of which had manufacture coupons which meant my item coupon ratio was already 4 to 4) I wanted to pay with a RR I would need to ad a filler item something cheap like a pencil.  This would then make my coupon ration 5 ( 4 manufacturer coupons and 1 register reward) and my item ratio 5.  I then could pay with my coupons and RR with no problem. An instore coupon does NOT count as a coupon in this ratio….just as a sale price.
  • Also remember that only one RR per product will print per transaction.  For example If wanted to buy 3 bottles of Aussie shampoo.  In order to have 2 RR print for each one I had to buy them in 3 transactions.  My store is happy to let me go thru the line more than once ……but some store will limit you.
  • You can not pay for sales tax with a RR

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