My Thrifty Walmart deals 1-26-09

Walmart Deals

All of this for $10.56
Normal price would have been $123.29…. I saved $112.73
Today I stopped in at Walmart, of course I had my coupon book in hand. ?These were my thrifty deals. ?
Normal prices matched with MFR coupons
  • ?2 Quaker rice snacks priced at $1.58, I used the $1 off any Quaker product MFR coupon from Sunday paper coupon insert. ?I paid only .58 cents a bag
  • 2 boxes of ritz crackers on sale for $2.50 a box, I used the $2 off /2 MFR coupon from Sunday paper coupon insert. ?I paid only $1.50 a box
  • 1 powerade zero priced at .88 cents, I used the .40 cents off ?MFR coupon from the Sunday paper coupon insert. I paid only .48 cents per bottle

Clearance items matched with MFR coupons

  • 8 pack of Juicy Juice on clearance for $1.25, I used a $1 off any Juicy Juice MFR coupon. ? ?I paid only .25 cents
Clearance items marked WAY down
After any Holiday you can start to find items of sale. ?But normally they only start ? 25-50% off the retail price. ?But if you check back they keep marking them down, lower and lower till they are A SUPER THRIFTY DEAL! ?I can’t tell you how happy I get when I find items 90% off!
Now keep in mind I will tuck all these items away for next year, and have a head start on Christmas 2009
  • 9 nickelodeon light up long sleeve kids shirts normal price was $9.00……..But I paid only .25 cents a shirt. ?Yes, I got all 9 shirts for $2.25
  • 1 Travel Alarm clock with thermometer normal price $8.00…..But I paid only $1.00
  • 1 6-in-1 multi-tool was $8.00……but I paid only $1.00
  • 2 scarf and glove sets priced at $8.00…….but I paid only $1.00